A Fat Man 25 November 2017

Mikeas seniors News 66a/1 Nov2017

Wood Turning Displays-1 May 2017

Ok. the ballerina was constructed out of 6 pieces of timber plus wood shavings – when I locate the correct base primer I shall paint her.

The Chalice was used for the first  time at Holy Communion to night and doesn’t leak so I must make a Patton for it. The other two goblet like creations were constructed from a single piece of timber end on end so it wasn’t necessary to create  a second tennon to turn the second one over to complete it.

The rather peculiar object was fashioned from a log with split ends, just like a manikin but cracked and so I was unable to complete the hollowing out.

The candle holder was made some time ago and happened to serve as our candle holder for Liturgy tonight.


jessica-mario-alex April 2017

Who is never in the picture?

Mario, Alex( in Italia T Shirt) Jessica in front by Lathe adapted for wheelchair user. Taken by Andrew.

The Shed is located at the Kooloora Community centre in its own space, we have 5 Lathes, one adapted for wheelchair user. A band saw that loves fingers and other protuberances into its spaces.

Drill press, drilling machines, and an Aladdin’s cave full of other things galore, I love the Jacob’s Chuck, it is like a miniature tunnel borer with Various sized heads.

Botanical Gardens Friday 23rd Sept 2016

Visited after an appointment with our Podiatrist last Friday.