Eastern Walking Track in Malabar Headland National Park 29 March 18

All of these were taken by Jessica as she inspected further works on the Eastern Walking Track on Malabar Headland National Park.

Jessica and I had visited the opening of a grade 3 walking track in Malabar, this track is closed to prams, wheelchairs and walking frames. After being interviewed by a reporter concerning that, in her opinion this represented discrimination. Such a hoo ha arose, she had a representative of Randwick Council and someone from the botanic Gardens on side and a few days later she was taken to see the accessible track – quickly brought forward. These very similar pictures were taken on 29th as part of her respite trip.

I hadn’t seen the view from the Headland back to Maroubra Beach before.



centennial park 31 march 2018

Working with wood June 23rd -2

Michael’s Jacket- Charlie George is at the end Lathe

Botanic Gardens taken 13th June 2017

Iwasn’t there on the day so do not know the exact locations

By Jessica Blair