Rustic Lamp with Shade and bulb 13 August 2017

Rustic Lamp and shade with print son Simon gave to me; the ballerina doll, the japanese candle doll and a portrait I did of Jessica for our Anniversary.
Top view showing the Lamp, Mr Sun and bits of things
Taken from across the room, we can see the oil painting of the Australian Windmill, all of the figures, philips Clock and two small vessels turned end on end from one piece of timber.



Working with wood June 23rd -2

Michael’s Jacket- Charlie George is at the end Lathe

working with wood 23 June 2017


Again we went as Marshals though this year I did manage to do some demonstrating turning. Also spent far too much money on a mini tool kit and other useful things.

Jessica had her carer, Rada with her so I was fairly free for the day.

June G.M Svens Farewell – 24 June 2017

I missed the meeting because I chose to go to Holy Communion but managed to get back to watch Michael demonstrate how to make a duck.


Sven, with fellow members all of a blur, is the oldest member of our section of the Guild and has chosen to retire. As per usual memorial occasions deserve memorial cakes.



The other photos are of the items made by members in May.

Wood Turning Displays-1 May 2017

Ok. the ballerina was constructed out of 6 pieces of timber plus wood shavings – when I locate the correct base primer I shall paint her.

The Chalice was used for the first  time at Holy Communion to night and doesn’t leak so I must make a Patton for it. The other two goblet like creations were constructed from a single piece of timber end on end so it wasn’t necessary to create  a second tennon to turn the second one over to complete it.

The rather peculiar object was fashioned from a log with split ends, just like a manikin but cracked and so I was unable to complete the hollowing out.

The candle holder was made some time ago and happened to serve as our candle holder for Liturgy tonight.