Coogie Boardwalk 3318

This is a short clip of a small waterfall taken by Jessica.

The Coogee Coastal walk, at this particular spot is wheelchair accessible.


Duck demo – posted 8 August 2017

creepypasta squeaky wheels – Brandon Baldini

Brandon is a member of the Eastern Region Woodturners Guild and attends the shed with Jessica and I.

He writes

“Hey wood turning crew, I just uploaded my 1st video that isn’t rubbish on you-tube finally succeeding and if any want to watch, I hope you do. Warning, 4 those who don’t like horror, you may not like it, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary. It is a creepypasta video called, (creepypasta squeaky wheels) or just copy and paste into youtube.

believe, it, I actually made and wrote the whole thing my self, no help, that is from patience and hard work and to prove to my self I can do about anything, autism or not, I am proud with me. Subscribe if you feel like and comment and like”