Royal Botanic gardens celebrated 200 years.

In the plant world, colour is the essential ingredient for pollination. Watch as The Calyx is transformed into an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colour in the new, free floral display Pollination.

Curated by the horticultural team at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the display features a collection of plants and flowers showcasing the role colour plays in natures magnificent act of pollination.

Garden beds of vibrant coloured orchids, daisies, gardenias and lilies are set against the backdrop of the display hero -the green wall.

The wall, the largest of its kind in Australia, standing at 6 metres high and spanning 50 metres, showcases the Pollination theme with Dicondra, Syngonium and Heuchera.

Pollination at The Calyx is open 15 September 2017– 29 July 2018
10:00 am – 4:00 pm daily.
Please note: The Calyx will be closed for private access on the following dates:
Tuesday 10 October
Friday 20 October
Thursday 26 October
Sunday 29 October

Additional closure dates may occur so we suggest checking here, or phoning (02) 9231 8104 before arriving.


Clovelly 8 August 2017


Botanic Gardens taken 13th June 2017

Iwasn’t there on the day so do not know the exact locations

By Jessica Blair

Autumn clutch-taken 11 June – 15 June 2017

These photos were taken while I was on respite with Mark, still using my walking stick while I was breaking in Perampanel.

Simple Movie

chinese 19 January 2017

Various photos taken in the Chinese Garden’s in Darling Harbour over the years and one in Pacific Square Maroubra in 2010 during a Chinese New Year Concert