Clovelly 8 August 2017


Working with wood June 23rd -2

Michael’s Jacket- Charlie George is at the end Lathe

working with wood 23 June 2017


Again we went as Marshals though this year I did manage to do some demonstrating turning. Also spent far too much money on a mini tool kit and other useful things.

Jessica had her carer, Rada with her so I was fairly free for the day.

Botanic Gardens taken 13th June 2017

Iwasn’t there on the day so do not know the exact locations

By Jessica Blair

Autumn clutch-taken 11 June – 15 June 2017

These photos were taken while I was on respite with Mark, still using my walking stick while I was breaking in Perampanel.

Simple Movie

Lidcombe walk about-30th May 2017

ARK 5th SUnday Liturgy1
War memorial Park
ARK 5th SUnday Liturgy2
Searching for another park
ARK 5th SUnday Liturgy3
I am going to look for this one- St Athenasios Greek Orthodox Church,  but it’s really difficult to say since there are so many Orthodox Churches in the vicinity

As per usual, Jessica and I arrived very early to seek the venue and took the time for lunch at McDonald’s followed by a ride around the streets, I must discover the name of the OrthodoX Church I have captured, right next to the Syrian Catholic Church.

Still not sure we will need to check in June.