Centennial Park in January-take 2

I had a virus from Microsoft in the computer and lost quite a few programmes and photos.

I realize that most of these are up here already.

Some old and some new by Jessica and Andrew

I think this is where some of them are posted


Near Bunnings Botany 28 February

This is the other end from Hefron Park of the South Maroubra to Deninson Street Botany walk.

1st March Green Park Darlinghurst 2-3-18

I visited my Neurologist at 10.30 yesterday for a check in. Going home I wearied  of waiting for our home bus 397 and caught the 396 to the beach  where I caught up with Jessica and Marc; Marc is from Poland and works at the Junction Neighbourhood centre and is one of our Social Support workers.

Green Park is a small park next to the Hospital it sits opposite the old Darlingurst Gaol on one side and the Hospital on the other.


Out and about 28 Feb 2018


Those showing close ups of Jessica were taken on 24th February one day after the check up after her cataract surgery. The Malabar Headland pictures were also taken that day.

Those showing trees in Hefron Park we took on 28th on our way back from the Bunnings store in Denisen Road Botany.


Centennial Park 27 Jan 2018

That morning I had been to the Australian Breath Test Lab and afterwards jessica asked me what my plans were.

I never seem to have any.

Bush Tucker Track 27 December 2017

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Garden.

A walk about the Memorial Garden 27 December 2017